Ken Wilber, American Philosopher & Author
“One of the most important books I’ve seen on Integral physical training, which actually covers the entire spectrum of consciousness. It's like a combination of Rumi and a sports manual. Highly Recommended!”

Dr. Marc Gafni, Center for World Spirituality
"Strength to Awaken is a powerful integration of body, heart and spirit and is an essential step in the realization and mastery of you. Rob McNamara's profound awakening of the body's wisdom is truly gorgeous. You need this book!" 

Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext
"Rob McNamara shows us how to look through the integral lens to build not only our body but also our mind and spirit. Rekindling a time honored respect for excellence, he exhaustively details the many habits of psyche and physique we must transcend to attain mastery. Innovative and insightful!" 

Robb Smith, CEO, Chrysallis
"Now the gym is truly the training ground for life"

Rand Stagen, Founder, Stagen Leadership Academy
“Finally. A book with the complexity and courage to move beyond our cultural obsession the physical dimensions of training. McNamara redefines strength and provides a practical roadmap that both inspires and instructs on how to liberate our true greatness.”

John Foster, Founder, Life Warrior
“A life changing read.”

Jamison Stone, Director & Head Writer, Apotheosis Studios
“A must read for anyone interested in somatic development, strength training, body mind centering and personal evolution."

Brooke Gessay, Teacher, Free Bird Dance & Yoga
“I know of no other book that reveals, through words born of direct experience, how to train the whole human being for being fully here, now.”

Phil Cockfield, Designer
“Ostensibly about strength training, it reads like the profoundest of yoga texts!”

Tim Mansfield, Research Scientist, University of Queensland
“Not only is it the best book on the inner world of training I've ever read, bar none. It's also one of the best books on spirituality I've ever read – because it's such a vivid, original vision of a grounded, human, embodied spirituality”
Diane Hamilton, Boulder Mountain Zendo
“Rob McNamara understands and invites the feminine dimension into the practice of strength
training; an orientation of benefit to both men and women.”

Em E. Biever, MS, RD, LDN, Dietitian, Integral Fuel
“There is an urgency that is sparked with reading this book; an aliveness in these pages that inspires and calls the reader to seize the opportunity to live life completely, authentically, with Excellence."

Shawn Phillips, Author, Strength For Life
"I love Rob and his message is timely and important. It's, in part, the deeper, higher, further reach of what I've taught."
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