New Workout Bible Unites Weight Lifting and Yoga

Many Americans are now going to fitness centers over yoga studios to practice a new kind of mind-body workout known as Integral Strength Training. In his heady new book Strength to Awaken, performance coach Rob McNamara shows athletes and fitness enthusiasts how to use an integrative approach to strength training to transform working out into a spiritual practice like yoga, and experience major performance enhancements in all areas of life.

“Yoga is great for balancing body and mind, but it doesn’t do much for bone density and muscle mass,” shares Rob McNamara, author of Strength to Awaken. “Integral Strength Training teaches you how to build muscle while sharpening your mind and nourishing your soul at the same time.”
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Interview with Alan Davidson

Rob McNamara is Author of Strength to Awaken, a skilled Psychotherapist, leading Performance Coach, Psychology Professor at Naropa University and an Integral Zen Practitioner. He runs his private practice in Boulder Colorado serving a broad range of executives and professionals, undergraduate and graduate students and athletes ranging from high school to Olympic and professional world champions.
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More integrated muscle building gets better results

Robert McNamara’s approach to resistance training, as described in his book Strength to Awaken, is grounded on integral principles… and he views muscle building as a spiritual discipline. On his Embodied. Evolution. blog, the author explains why people over the age of 22 to 24 need to build muscle.
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Strength to Awaken


Text by Corey W. deVos

This discussion of strength training goes way beyond the conventionally-stated benefits of slimmer waist lines, well-toned arms, or being able to bench press your own body weight. Your physical health and vitality are absolutely fundamental for a happy and well-lived life—your body truly is a temple, and you want your temple to be as strong and solid as possible. But a more contemplative approach to strength training (such as the one developed by Rob) not only helps you rebuild your temple from the ground up, but can also have as much of an impact upon the interiors of your temple as it does upon the exteriors....

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BG 249: Strengthening the Body-Mind


Rob McNamara is a psychology professor, zen practitioner, and strength trainer who works at the intersection of strength training and contemplative practice. In this episode McNamara explains how his experiences in the gym helped him understand the purpose of meditation, and how both inner and outer strength are deeply intertwined. He describes how strength training can stretch both the upper and lower boundaries of the ego, helping us learn how to not check out when things get uncomfortable, nor space out when we have an opportunity to relax deeply and let go.

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John Dupuy interviews Rob McNamara on Strength Training Part 1

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Strength, Your Reservoir for Love

I found this posted at the Christ Community Church, another great piece by Rob McNamara. In some ways, the Christian community is doing more to explore masculinity than other groups. Of course, not all of it is progressive, but this article certainly is.

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TNM 025: Rob McNamara Pt 2 – What You Need to Know About Mind/Body Nutrition and Exercise


How much exercise is required to build strength and feel great?

In part two of our conversation, Rob lays out a simple and straightforward plan to build high-performance strength.
The good news: Rob says we can do it in under 3 hours a week.

Rob highly recommends Shawn Phillips’s new book, “Strength for Life,” as a great resource for getting started on a program like this.
Rob goes on to talk with us about Full Strength, a meal replacement product developed by Shawn Phillips that has been clinically shown to produce positive results in muscle building and fat and cholesterol reduction. A recent clinical study at the University of Oklahoma confirmed the wisdom that went into the production of Full Strength and documented surprisingly positive health benefits to the participants.
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TNM 022: Rob McNamara Pt 1 – What is Strength?


Are you feeling at your best physically?

Are you looking for that edge to keep you sharp at the workplace and help you handle the intensity of life’s challenges?

If you are like the average man, chances are you have not felt that great since you were in your teens. Not only is our poor physical condition slowing down our bodies, but its slowing down our minds as well.

This week we are talking with Rob McNamera about strength. Strength is the abundance of power. This abundance is true for our muscles as well as our brains, and it affects our performance across the boar

We can increase this abundance with regular strength training.

Listen as Rob breaks down the secrets of strength and shares with us the dire importance of taking care of our bodies.
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